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10 Steps to the Perfect Children’s Party

Planning a birthday party or other celebration for your child? Here’s a simple 10-step checklist you can use to make sure everything goes perfectly.

1. Choose the Date and Location — Do this as early as possible to avoid conflict with other events. The date you pick will determine every other planning step of your party, from the invitations to when to order your bounce house rental.

2. Plan the Logistics — If the party is not at your house, you will need to provide directions and possibly signage for guests to follow. Signs marked with balloons, streamers or flags will be easier to see.

3. Prepare the Guest List — Generally, the size of your guest list will determine on your budget. The more people you invite, the more your party will cost. If you are on a limited budget, you may need to limit your list to friends and close family

4. Send Out the Invitations — You can make or buy your party invitations. If you choose to send invitations out over email or social media, it’s a good idea to send a physical invitation as well because it’s easier for people to remember the date.

5. Create an Outline — You will need to plan every moment of your party, from the time your guests arrive until they leave. You can include time for eating, entertainment, games, playing in the bounce house, opening gifts, and the birthday cake.

6. Play Your Menu — Food is a central part of any social event. Remember to take into consideration special diets and allergies.

7. Order the Birthday Cake — Most bakeries need at least 24 hours notice, so order the cake as early as possible.

8. Get Help — Running a party full of kids is a challenge. Recruit other adults to help you supervise your guests and keep them occupied througout the party.

9. Last Minute Details — The night before your event, make sure you haven’t missed anything. The day of the event is bound to be hectic.

10. Have Fun — Remember, birthday parties are supposed to be fun for everybody, including the host!


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