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3 Ways to Liven Up Your Bounce House Rental Experience

Kind mit  balloonsA bounce house rental is a fast, easy and affordable way to add excitement to any special event — whether it be a birthday party, block party, church picnic, or any type of occasion.

But sometimes you want to take things to the next level. For that, you need special planning and a little additional effort.

To help make your next special event especially memorable, here are three ideas for livening up your next bounce house rental:

Fill It With Balloons

Want to make your next bounce house rental one your guests will never forget? All you need is a tank of helium or air, a few packages of balloons, and a few extra hands to help you out.

Fill up all the balloons using the tank of gas then place them in the bounce house rental. Don’t stop until the bounce house is completely filled with colorful balloons.

Then, when it’s time for your guests to play in the bounce house, they will be surrounded by hundreds of colorful, soft balloons to heighten the experience.

Add Another Inflatable

One of the biggest problems with a bounce house rental is its popularity. Everybody wants to play in it at the same time.

To alleviate lines, consider renting a second inflatable attraction, such as a slide, maze or game. This will give guests more than one thing to choose from. Plus, they can enjoy both the bounce house and the other inflatable to double their fun!

‘My Own Private Bounce House’

What’s better than one bounce house? Two bounce houses! Especially when one is reserved exclusively for the guest of honor and their closest friends.

When you rent two bounce houses, you can surprise your child by letting them have one all to themselves. And once they grow tired of playing alone, you can open it up to the other guests to give more bounce to your party!



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