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3 Ways to Liven Up Your Bounce House Rental Experience

A bounce house rental is a fast, easy and affordable way to add excitement to any special event -- whether it be a birthday party, block party, church picnic, or any type of occasion. But sometimes you want to take things to the next level. For that, you need special planning and a little additional effort. To help make your next special event especially memorable, here are three ideas for livening up your next bounce house rental: Fill It With Balloons Want to make your next bounce ...

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Should Grownups Play in the Bounce House Rental?

Getting a bounce house rental for your next birthday party, church picnic, backyard barbecue, block party or another special event can create good times, happy memories, and a lot of fun for your guests. But should grownups be allowed to play in the bounce house rental? Or is it strictly for children? When It's Okay While bounce houses are designed to be used primarily for children, in some instances it's okay for adults to use them. For example, toddlers and young children may not b...

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Bounce House Boca Raton: An Effective Motivational Tool

Bounce houses are the ideal accompaniment for any child's birthday party or other special event. But did you know they also make an excellent motivational tool? For example, a bounce house rental is the affordable, easy and effective to motivate children to improve their health or work their way back from an illness or injury. Health-Related Goals Going to physical therapy or being on a diet and exercise regime is challenging for anybody, but especially for children. But when you let th...

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Costumes Add Fun to Any Special Event

Why should Halloween be the only time of the year kids get to dress up in costumes and pretend to be somebody else? It doesn't have to be. You can add a new layer of fun and excitement to your next birthday party, block party, church picnic, or other special event by turning it into a costume party. Costume Fun If your child's birthday is around Halloween, it's a no-brainer that you can make their birthday include costume fun. But you also can invite your children's guests to wear costu...

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How Long Can Children Stay in the Bounce House?

What's the longest you should let your kids play in the bounce house rental? As long as they like! Sooner or later, children will wear themselves out with jumping and playing in the bounce house. There's usually no need to set time limits because your kids will come out when they are tired of playing, need something to eat or drink, or need to use the bathroom. Exceptions to the Rule There are a couple of instances in which you should limit the time children play in the bounce house ...

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Party Rentals Broward: Entertain Children with Storytelling

Children love playing in bounce castles, slides, mazes, games and other inflatables. But they also love it when a grown up tells them an entertaining story. Learning how to tell children story is almost a rite of passage for most parents. Story time is usually a child's favorite time of the whole day because they get their parent's undivided attention. They also love being entertained by dramatic stories with colorful characters and exciting plots. Reading Story Books  There are tho...

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Jump Start Your Party with a Bounce House Rental

Adding a bounce house rental to your next birthday party or other special event is the fast, easy and affordable way to add an entirely new level of excitement. Your guests will have the time of their lives playing with their friends in a colorful, safe and fun bounce castle or other inflatable. And your guest of honor will be thrilled to host the biggest and best birthday party of the year. Convenience of a Bounce House Rental For most birthday parties, planning the entertainment takes...

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How Young Is Too Young for a Birthday Party?

First-time parents always go through a steep learning curve with their first child. Everything is new for them, from the midnight feedings to changing diapers to dealing with crying fits. One question many young parents have is when they should start having a birthday party for their child. Should they start with Year 1 or should they wait until the child is old enough to remember and appreciate the event? Birthdays Are for Everybody What many young couples discover later is that birthd...

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