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Bounce Castles Are Fun, But Are They Safe?

Combo 4N1 Castle DryOnce every couple of years, there’s a news story about somebody getting injured in a bounce castle accident. Usually, the accident is caused by a bouncy castle that either wasn’t properly anchored or allowed to be used in bad weather. Or both.

In other words, most bounce house accidents are caused by human error, not by the bounce house itself. Bounce houses and other inflatables are designed for safety. They provide a soft, padded, air-filled environment for children to play in. What could be safer than that?

Bounce House Boca Raton – Safety First, Last, and Always

At Parties’N’Fun, we take pride in our safety record. Our team of experienced, professional inflatables technicians are highly skilled and continually trained on the proper techniques for anchoring bounce houses safely.

We also pay close attention to weather conditions. And if it’s not going to be safe for children to play in a bounce castle due to high winds, lightning, or other weather dangers, you can bet that we aren’t going to allow it. The last thing we would want is for your kids to be exposed to any type of danger. After all, we’re in the business of fun but we’re also all about minimizing risk and reducing any chances of danger.

Bounce House Boca Raton — We Don’t Take Chances with Safety

We have a saying at Parties’N’Fun: “When in doubt, leave it out.” If there is even the slightest risk that anything could go wrong — such as the weather forecast calling for storms or high winds being detected in the area — we will let you know ahead of time so that you can make alternate plans for your party. What we won’t ever do is set up a bounce house in less than ideal weather conditions, or fail to anchor your bounce house properly.

There are a lot of scary stories on the news. But with Parties’N’Fun, you don’t have to worry. Rest assured, we will always put the safety of your children first.



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