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Renting a Bounce House : What You Need to Know

Kid Playing Bounce HouseIn just the past couple of decades, bounce houses have managed to become the go-to focal point of the most successful children’s parties, carnivals, church picnics, school field days and other special events.

At PartiesNFun, we offer the widest variety of bounce houses, inflatable slides and other inflatable structures, including:

  • Inflatable Water Slides
  • Inflatable Dry Slides
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Bounce Houses (also known as the Jolly Jump, Spacewalk, Astrowalk and Moonwalk)
  • Inflatable Castles (also known as the Bouncy Castle)
  • Inflatable Tunnels
  • And Much, Much More!

Benefits of Inflatable Structures

First and foremost, bounce houses and other inflatable structures are just plain fun for children of all ages. With their bright, colorful designs and exciting entertainment, the inflatable castles, bounce houses and other inflatable structures offered by PartiesNFun will give your party guests hours of joy, regardless of their age.

Yet inflatable structures also offer other benefits that most people don’t consider. For example, they can provide therapeutic value for people with sensory impairments. They also have been known to help emotionally disturbed children or people with autism come out of their shells and obtain healthy recreation.

Playing in bounce houses also helps all children learn to socialize with others — in a joyful, fun-filled environment that promotes happiness.

Durable and Safe

Bounce house inflatable structures available from PartiesNFun are made of a variety of heavy duty materials, including thick PVC, vinyl and nylon. These provide the safety and support that helps prevent injury while simultaneously creating a comfortable environment in which children of all ages can play for hours with worry for hours on end.

Even some grown ups can enjoy the pleasures provide by the kind of bounce house  that PartiesNFun provides, including specialized inflatable structures such as boxing rings. water football, tug of war arenas, and gladiator duels.

PartiesNFun has every type of bounce house people enjoys most, as well as a wide variety of other safe, durable and affordable inflatable structures that are guaranteed to make your next event a smashing success!


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