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You Haven’t Seen Yet What a Real Celebration Is

kids with horns

Parties N’ Fun: the fun just keeps on coming and it never ends

Children always expect to have a great time during Christmas season. They look forward to the long holidays in anticipation of parties, toys, and nice foods. Even we adults feel the same, but we know we can do so much and our generosity has its limits. We can’t afford to throw caution to the wind and end up short of money after the holidays. However, our children don’t understand this. It’s Christmas and, therefore, they should enjoy themselves.

If you’re feeling the pinch right now, you can still give your children the best party without going over your budget. With $115, your children can enjoy playing with our beautiful and fun filled bounces for the entire day. That’s pretty cheap, don’t you think? You call us, we deliver and assemble everything and we collect the payment. We comeback at the agreed time, dismantle the bounce house, then bring it with us. As simple as that.

You are the school PTA president, member of the church leadership, or the company manager and you are planning a more exciting holiday celebration. You have a budget in mind and you want to know how much fun value you will get in exchange. Call us or send us an email and our party planner will be more than happy to sit down with you and explore the different options we have in store for you.

Right now we have 20 fun packages for you to choose from. There are all day rental rates and hourly or 30 minute offerings. Your budget is safe with us and the entertainment value far outweighs the prices. There are different surprises you can add every hour and the excitement will continue up to the very last minute of the party.

You can include face painting and clown acts, super hero characters, trackless trains, and even a detachable pool. And how much will it costs you? Not even $300. Talking about pure entertainment without the expensive price tag can only mean Parties N’ Fun, the #1 bounce house Boca Raton entertainment experts. You won’t pay for the things that you don’t like. This is what makes Parties N’ Fun absolutely worth your money. You get to choose what you think suits your child’s age.

You can tell us when you want the additional features included. The train maybe on the second hour, the face painting on the fourth hour and the heroes’ parade just before the party is supposed to end. The children will always have new surprises coming to them, and what’s more enjoyable than that?

That’s not it. You may be planning to have food served for your guests. We have tables and chairs and a catering service to complete your celebration. Our chef and the cooking crew are cuisine savvy and we have feast connoisseurs who can cook any meal for you. We can serve as many people as you want and all you have to do is tell us what you want and it’s good as done. No hassle on your part.


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