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Bounce Houses Are Made For Children!

Bounce Houses of Parties N Fun, safer than park games and rides and made with children in mind

Bounce houses are going to the Lord it over again this summer as they did in the past. The accidents attributed to playing in bounce houses have been rising, but I think this is just in proportion to the increase in number of bounce houses every year. And, the majority if not all of these so called accidents don’t really fall into the grave injury category.  If there’s a survey taken about accidents happening in the parks where slides, swings, seesaw and merry go rounds are available for kids to play, on a busy day at that,  there’s a great tendency that the numbers will be higher compared to what happens inside bounce houses.

So what’s really needed to avoid these minor mishaps in bounce houses or park rides ?

There should be an adult present. This is important because children need to be controlled. They will try anything, but out of curiosity rather than thrill seeking. So there’s no safe place really for children without adult supervision. It’s not the fun facility itself that’s dangerous; children being left alone on their own are dangerous.

Bounce houses are made of vinyl and plastics. They are inflated, which makes them soft and safe for the skin, bones, and muscles. The inflatable doesn’t even move, unlike Ferris wheels, merry go round swings, and other park rides. Compared to bounce houses, they’re, this is just my own observation, a thousand times more dangerous. Bounce houses are just puppies compared to these.

So, why’s is there so much harping on the dangers of bounce houses? That’s really something suspicious. Bounce Houses of Parties N Fun are even safer compared to other bounce house facilities. So there’s nothing to worry if you let your kids play with bounce houses, with your supervision of course.  Everything boils down to adult supervision.

With Bounce Houses of Parties N Fun we will provide staffs to man our bounce houses during big occasions. We have trained our people about crowd control. How to do it properly, doing it gently and efficiently.

And Parties N Fun has all the latest bounce houses that your children will surely love and enjoy. These bounces are designed with proper ergonomics to keep them highly comfortable, safe, and functional. Bounce house technology has really soared.  Every year they become more exciting and children can’t help but be thrilled by it.  And Parties N Fun will always be one of the first to acquire them in order to keep your children always ahead of the pack.

The real fun begins in a few weeks when summer finally returns. We are getting more reservation and our bounce houses are being inspected to get them ready for the summer.

Give us a call or send us an email and be one of the first few to be included in the list. Every day the list is geeing longer and we don’t want your summer parties to be boring.


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