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Bounce Houses Appeal to Kids of All Ages

Young children love playing in bounce houses at birthday parties, church picnics, block parties, and other events. But grown-up children also enjoy playing in colorful, entertaining bounce houses.

Whether it’s a testament to the durability of youthful spirit, nostalgia for childhood, or just silly fun, grownups often enjoy playing in bounce houses nearly as much as young children — especially when inflatables are included as part of a festival, party, or celebration aimed at adults.

Bars and Parties

An increasing number of bar owners are discovering that they can increase their business’s popularity, reputation, and profits by hosting annual outdoor parties, cookouts, and celebrations. But hiring a band and setting up an outdoor beer stand is only part of the fun.

To make an event truly memorable, organizers need to add an attraction — such as a bounce house exclusively for adult use. Grown-up attendees are usually thrilled to kick off their shoes — and their inhibitions — and jump into the bounce house where they can play for hours like they were kids again.

Spring Break Events

In South Florida, March and April are Spring Break season. Hundreds of thousands of college students join the millions of tourists already partying in the Sunshine State on beaches, bars, and resort areas.,

Bar and club owners are always seeking ways to attract the lucrative Spring Break market. A fast and easy way to set your business apart is to lure young partiers with money by offering colorful, entertaining bounce houses.

Patrons can play in a fun, soft, and safe bounce house while having the time of their lives at your Spring Break party or establishment. They can recapture their youthful fun, show off for the opposite sex, and have genuine, carefree fun with their friends.

Bounce houses aren’t just for young children anymore. They are for grown-up children, too!



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