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Bounce Houses Provide Kids with Exercise as Well as Fun

Before you rent a bounce house for your next children’s birthday party, church picnic, or other kid-centric special event, consider this:

Bounce houses not only are fun and exciting for children, but they also provide a great deal of physical exertion. It’s almost like tricking kids into choosing healthy activity!

A Full-Body Workout

When kids are playing in a bounce house, they exercise all of their major muscle groups. This helps builds strength and endurance, as well as coordination.

Children burn more calories when they are playing in a bounce house. This helps counteract all the extra calories they consume during a special event, such as those from the birthday cake, soda pop, and candy.

Playing in a bounce house has benefits for the child’s circulatory system as well. Their hearts beat faster, causing blood to pump through their bodies more quickly.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Plus, when they are jumping around and having fun, their lung capacity increases. This builds the body’s overall endurance so your child will be stronger and be able to play longer. It also has benefits for the body’s immune system.

Bounce houses require children to learn how to interact with other children, which improves their social skills. They have to be careful not to collide with another child or get stepped on if they fall, which improves their reaction time.

Good for Parents, Too

From the parents’ perspective, bounce houses allow kids to burn off excess energy. They already are excited because they are at a special event. But when you add a bounce house to the equation, their excitement level can go into the stratosphere.

Fortunately, spending a half hour or longer in the bounce house usually is enough to wear children down so that all of their excess energy is burned off and they can finish their exciting day tired, relaxed and happy.


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