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‘Can I Bring My Toys into the Bounce House Rental?’

blockChildren can become very attached to their toys. At a certain age, some children can’t be separated from their favorite doll or action figure for anything in the world.

Part of the reason children create such ties with their toys is because they provide a kind of mental security. Toys are enjoyed during playtime, the most fun part of the day.

Children learn to associate their toys with fun, happiness, and pleasure. So when they are separated from their toys, they can become anxious and insecure, especially when their emotional minds haven’t yet fully developed.

Toys and Bounce Houses

So should children be allowed to take their favorite toys with them into a bounce house? Unfortunately, the answer is, “no”.

There are two reasons why toys and bounce houses don’t mix:

  • Their sharp edges could damage or puncture the bounce house
  • They can create a hazard which can lead to injury

Toys need to be left outside the bounce house without exception. Even allowing soft toys is not a good idea: Children who have been forbidden from bringing their hard toys into the bounce house will claim it is unfair that somebody else can bring in their soft toys.

Bounce Houses Durability

Bounce houses are made of tough materials, so it’s unlikely that anything short of a sharpened piece of metal could puncture it. Still, it’s better not to take chances. The renter generally is responsible for any damage caused to a bounce house during the rental period.

It’s the second hazard which is more serious. Children jumping in a bounce house are easily excited and distracted. So they may not always look where their feet are landing.

If they land on something as small as a boy block, they could easily become injured.

When it comes to the bounce house, the best approach is a “no toys” policy!


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