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Double the Fun to Make Your Next Kid’s Party a Smashing Success

Do you want to make an impression with your next children’s birthday party, block party or other kid-centric event?

Most kids today go to so many parties these days that they can develop a sort of “birthday party” fatigue. When every party offers the same things — familiar games such as “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, the singing of “Happy Birthday”, the birthday cake, party favors, and so on — they can all kind of blend together.

But with the addition of just two simple elements, you can make your child’s next birthday one of the most memorable events ever!

Add Live Entertainment to Your Next Party

The first way to make your next event amazing is to hire a live children’s entertainer to perform at your party. Hiring a clown or magician will delight your guests (and give the grown-ups a few minutes to take a breathe before the craziness starts up again).

Children’s entertainers are remarkably affordable and you can find one near you simply by conducting a Google search or looking in your local Yellow Pages.

Get more bang for your buck by hiring an entertainer who provides twice the fun for your money, such as a clown who also does face-painting, or a magician who makes balloon animals the kids can take home with them.

Rent a Bounce House

The second way to make your next kid’s party a smash hit is to rent a bounce house. Colorful, safe and fun, bounce houses are adored by children of all ages.

Bounce houses allow children to socialize and have fun in a danger-free environment. Plus, it lets them burn off all the energy they get from the cake and candy they consume during the party.

For a one-two punch that will make your next children’s event the talk of the neighborhood, all you need to do is add a children’s entertainer and a bounce house to the party and you will create memories your child will cherish for the rest of their lives.


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