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Taking Favorite Toys into Bounce House Usually Okay

Osterhasen mit EierSmall children can become very attached to their favorite toys. Stuffed animals, dolls, and other familiar items help reassure children, making them feel safe and protected.

So allowing small children to bring their favorite toys into the bounce house if they insist is usually not a problem. As long as their favorite toys help them enjoy the experience more and don’t pose an injury hazard to themselves or others, they are typically allowed.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — Favorite Things

Toddlers, in particular, are frequently inseparable from their most beloved objects. It can be difficult to get things like security blankets, favorite stuffed animals, and other favorite things out of their hands if even for the few minutes it takes to play in the jump castle.

So why bother? For most parents, it’s not worth the conflict. Children will feel more comfortable if these items are allowed to be brought into the bounce house, it’s not going to put them in danger, so it generally should be allowed.

Exceptions would include items with hard or sharp edges, tight-fitting costumes with capes, and any other potential dangers. These should be gently coaxed away from the children before they are allowed to enter the bounce house.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — Don’t Forget Your Friends

One of the biggest risks of allowing children to bring their favorite toys and other items into the bounce house is that they forget them and accidentally leave them behind.

Playing in the bounce house with other children can be thrilling … and distracting. After just a few minutes of athletic play, it’s easy to forget about their favorite toys. So they can often be left behind and need to be retrieved later.

Allowing children to feel comfortable and secure is important to their sense of well-being. If allowing them to bring their favorite toy into the bounce house enhances the experience, then it’s usually fine.



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