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Healthy Snacks Fuel Up Your Kids for Bounce House Fun

acai bowlOne of the best things about adding a bounce house rental to your birthday party or other event plans is that they allow kids to burn off a lot of energy. And as any parent can attest, kids have a lot of energy to burn off.

Jumping and playing in a bounce house rental is not only fun for kids, but also safe, healthy, and wholesome. Children can get the crucial activity they need to strengthen muscles, build bones, and grow strong hearts and lungs.

To make the most of your kid’s bounce house fun, it’s important to prepare them by giving them healthy treats and snacks that give their young bodies the fuel they need to maximize their exercise.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — Fuel Up on Proteins

Typical party foods like cake, candy, and sugary snacks offer little nutritional value. While they are yummy to eat and kids love them, they can provide a sugar blast that gives kids a short-term energy boost that is followed by a “sugar crash” that can slow them down.

A better idea is to let your kids fuel up for their bounce house fun with snacks and treats that are higher in protein than things like sugars and carbohydrates. These include such tasty treats as string cheese, nuts, turkey slices, and chicken fingers.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — The Right Kinds of Sugars

It’s hard to deny kids sweets when it’s party time. So you can replace “bad” sweets like cake and candies with more nutritious sweets, like fresh fruits or healthy smoothies.

These delicious treats contain fructose, a healthier kind of sugar than the fast-burning sucrose found in white sugar. Kids will love them just as much but their young bodies will be able to process these sugars longer, better, and more effectively.



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