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How Young Is Too Young for a Birthday Party?

babys roomFirst-time parents always go through a steep learning curve with their first child. Everything is new for them, from the midnight feedings to changing diapers to dealing with crying fits.

One question many young parents have is when they should start having a birthday party for their child. Should they start with Year 1 or should they wait until the child is old enough to remember and appreciate the event?

Birthdays Are for Everybody

What many young couples discover later is that birthday parties aren’t just for the guest of honor. They are for the entire family.

Even though your one year old probably isn’t going to remember their first birthday party, all of your other family and friends will, especially the young parents. The first birthday is one of the first opportunities for everybody to get together to celebrate this precious new life that they have created.

Create and Record Memories

Babies dont’ remember their first birthday parties, but their parents can record these precious memories by taking plenty of pictures and making videos with their smartphones so the entire family can remember this special event for many years to come.

One tradition some young parents may not be familiar with is the “Smash Cake”. This is a smaller, separate cake from the primary birthday cake that is exclusively for the infant birthday child to smash, smear all over their high chair and face, and generally make a huge mess while the rest of the family looks on and laughs with delight.

Fun for Everybody

If there are going to be other young children invited to the First Birthday Party, make sure to rent a bounce house so they can lay and enjoy themselves while the rest of the famliy is having fun.

Even though the guest of honor probably won’t be able to appreciate a bounce house rental, all of the other young guests will.


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