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Jump Start Your Party with a Bounce House Rental

bounce house dutch angleAdding a bounce house rental to your next birthday party or other special event is the fast, easy and affordable way to add an entirely new level of excitement.

Your guests will have the time of their lives playing with their friends in a colorful, safe and fun bounce castle or other inflatable. And your guest of honor will be thrilled to host the biggest and best birthday party of the year.

Convenience of a Bounce House Rental

For most birthday parties, planning the entertainment takes a lot of time and effort.  Buying the supplies you need for the various games your guests will play, taking the time to explaining the rules, supervising and managing the play, and awarding the prizes to the winners can often be one of the most exhausting parts of party planning.

But renting a bounce house is simple. A single phone call and your bounce house can be delivered precisely when you need it, blown up and anchored, and be ready to go for your guests without you having to do anything else.

Then, when the party’s over, our specialized bounce house technicians will quickly and efficiently deflate the bounce house, pack it away, and haul it off.

Bounce House Fun for All

Best of all, your party’s guests will have much more fun playing in your bounce house rental than they would play traditional party games. The bounce house castle is always the highlight of every party or special event.

So why waste time with anything else? Don’t bother planning party games or keeping your guests busy with anything other than jumping fun in a colorful, safe environment.

Adding a bounce house castle to your next party planning provides your guests with the safe, healthy, and entertaining fun that will make your event one of the most memorable ever!


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