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Kids Love Pony Rides and Face Painting

Planning a successful children’s birthday party isn’t a simple task. As the party planner, you want everybody to have a great time — especially the guest of honor.

You have a lot of choices to make: What to serve for snacks, what kind of cake to get, even who to invite and where to hold the party. But to make your child’s birthday party a guaranteed success you just have to add two elements: Face painting and pony rides.

The Popularity of Pony Rides

Your child will be super excited when you add pony rides to the party festivities. That’s because all kids love pony rides.

Docile, cuddly ponies are the perfect addition to any child’s party because they add adventure, excitement and best of all live animals to the event’s activities. Even the youngest children can enjoy riding on the back of a tame pony as their friends and family cheer them on. Plus, pony rides make the perfect photo opportunity for all of your young party guests.

Fantastic Face Painting

The other sure-fire winner for your next children’s birthday party is face painting. When you let children choose the decorative face painting, you are empowering them to live out their wildest adventure and inhabit their favorite character. Whether it’s a superhero, a pretty princess, or a fantastic being born of their own imagination, face painting is their passport to excitement and adventure.

Combine face painting and pony rides to your next children’s birthday party and you will have a guaranteed good time for everybody invited to the event.

Parties’N’Fun can provide both face painting and pony rides, as well as bounce houses and other inflatables, to make your next event the most memorable party ever. Simply contact us to inquire about the available dates and we will take care of the rest.

Ready to have the party of the year? Start by contacting Parties’N’Fun and reserving your pony rides and face painting TODAY!



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