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Parents Today Have More Inflatables Choices

When inflatables first started showing up at birthday parties, festivals, and other outdoor celebrations, they were largely limited to bounce houses. Children of all ages enjoyed playing with their friends within the safe, worry-free confines of the bouncy castle.

But in recent years, the number and types of inflatables available to party hosts have increased dramatically. Today, you can rent a wide variety of inflatables that can provide safe, wholesome entertainment to parties of any size.

Party Rentals Broward — Wet and Dry Slides

In addition to the traditional bounce house, now event organizers can rent other types of fun, exciting, and safe inflatables.

Slides have become hugely popular in recent years. There are two basic types: Wet slides and dry slides.

Wet slides include water slides, slip-and-slides, and other inflatable slides that use water to let participants slide safely within the soft, safe confines of the inflatable.

Dry slides are typically inflatables that users climb up on top of then joyfully slide down in the soft, cushioned bottom.

Party Rentals Broward — Games and Obstacle Courses

Another relatively new development in the world of inflatables is interactive games. These are inflatables that allow partygoers to compete with each other inside an inflatable arena and include such games as sumo wrestling, mechanical bull or reindeer riding, or Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Inflatable obstacle courses and mazes are also growing in popularity. These can include slides, climbing walls, and other adventures that delight and entertain children off all ages.

Bounce houses themselves have also evolved over the years. While you can still rent the traditional bounce house with all of your children’s favorite themes and characters, there are now more elaborate bounce houses with many new and delightful features that enhance the experience even more.

For your next special event, explore the many inflatables options available from Parties’N’Fun.



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