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Party Rentals Broward: Entertain Children with Storytelling

story timeChildren love playing in bounce castles, slides, mazes, games and other inflatables. But they also love it when a grown up tells them an entertaining story.

Learning how to tell children story is almost a rite of passage for most parents. Story time is usually a child’s favorite time of the whole day because they get their parent’s undivided attention.

They also love being entertained by dramatic stories with colorful characters and exciting plots.

Reading Story Books 

There are thousands of children’s books you can use to read your children stories at bedtime or to read to a group of children during a party or Story Time event. Visit your local public library or stop by the children’s section of your local bookshop to find age appropriate stories you can read to your children.

Or you can make up your own entertaining children’s story to make a more personalized connection with your children.

Tips for Making Up Children’s Stories

If you want to make up your own stories, it’s a good idea to have a cast of familiar characters you can fall back on time and again. These can be based on your child’s favorite toys, a cherished stuffed animal, or their favorite type of character from the Bible, fairy tales or even TV shows.

Make sure your story has a beginning, middle and an end. It also should be appropriate for your child’s age and no overly complex. It’s also a good idea for the story you make up to have a message, such as “Always be nice to others” or “Good things come to good people”.

Modulate your voice and use different voices for each character. Once you come up with a story that delights your children, you can tell the same one over and over again and they will enjoy it just as much each time.


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