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Pre-School Aged Children Will Love a ‘School’-Themed Party

Children are always interested in what’s coming next in their young lives. Grammar school aged children wonder what high school will be like. Teenagers dream about college.

And children who aren’t yet old enough to go to school are often very interested in what to expect. That’s why having a “school days” theme for your pre-schoolers next birthday party is sure to be a huge hit with both the attendees and their parents!

School in a Party Setting

Having a school-themed party gives young children a brief glimpse of what their lives will be like when they are finally old enough to go to school every day.

But it also is a fun, easy and popular party theme that everybody will love. Here are some tips to make your school party memorable:

  • Start with the Invitations — Invite your child’s guests to attend “class” at the designated time and place with themed invitations you can either buy or make yourself.
  • Keep It Educational — Designate a grown-up as the teacher and alternate educational activities, like coloring contests and story time, with traditional party games.
  • Lunch Hour — Serve typical school lunch food, such as sandwiches, apple slices, chips, and cookies. To make it even more authentic, set up your seating so it resembles a school cafeteria.
  • Recess Time! — Teach the pre-schoolers about the difference between school time and play time by including an extended recess period during which they can run around and play in the bounce house rental.

Finally, you can send your “students” home with a goodie bag filled with educational toys they can use to continue their “studies” when they get home, such as flash cards, coloring books and other inexpensive items you can pick up at your local dollar store.

Children who are too young to go to school are naturally curious about where their older brothers and sisters go every day, so your school-themed birthday party is sure to be a smash hit and one they will remember for many years to come.


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