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How to Serve Healthy Drinks for Kids at Your Next Party

When it comes to birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and other parties for kids, one of the things most often overlooked is the beverages that are served.

Many parents automatically choose fizzy sugary drinks, such as sodas to accompany their party rentals. But these contain so much sugar and dangerous chemicals that they are actually unhealthy for kids, not to mention the fact that they can make them overexcited and hyperactive.

When it comes to serving beverages at your next kids’ party or special event, leave the soda pop in the closet and opt for more nutritious, healthy drinks that aren’t harmful to kids’ health.

Drinks Kids Can Have All The  Time

Whole milk is important for children, especially younger kids, because it contains Vitamin D and calcium, both of which are important for healthy bone development.

Water is also always okay, especially when kids are being active, when it’s hot outside, or for children who are overweight. Provide plenty of ice chilled bottled water or dress it up by adding some crushed berries or decorating it with colorful, squiggly straws or ice cubes.

Drinks Kids Can Have Once in a While

Vitamin and coconut waters are all the rage among adults these days, and they are fine once in a while drink for kids as well.

These popular drinks are simply ordinary water tinted with a few extra vitamins and flavorings. Make sure you choose sugar-free varieties to serve to kids

Drinks Kids Can Have Sometimes

Fresh fruit juices are sweet and delicious and contain many important vitamins. But they are also higher in calories. Children aged 1 to 6 should have only 6 ounces per day at most.

Too much fruit juice adds to many calories to the child’s diet. Plus, they don’t get the other nutritional benefits they would get from eating a piece of fruit.


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