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Should Grownups Play in the Bounce House Rental?

lady jumpingGetting a bounce house rental for your next birthday party, church picnic, backyard barbecue, block party or another special event can create good times, happy memories, and a lot of fun for your guests.

But should grownups be allowed to play in the bounce house rental? Or is it strictly for children?

When It’s Okay

While bounce houses are designed to be used primarily for children, in some instances it’s okay for adults to use them.

For example, toddlers and young children may not be able to play safely or fully enjoy a bounce house without their parent or another adult to assist them. In this case, it’s perfectly acceptable for an older person to accompany the child into the bounce house so they can help them enjoy it safely.

Children with physical or mental challenges may also require the assistance of a caregiver, parent or another adult when playing in the bounce house. You wouldn’t want to deprive these kids of the same opportunity to have fun that other children enjoy. So if they need a grownup to help them, that’s fine.

When It’s Not Okay

Children are fragile. So it’s not okay for an adult to jump around and play in a bounce house with smaller children because there is a chance that they may injure a child — especially if the grownup has been drinking.

We get it: Bounce houses are fun. So it’s perfectly natural for an adult to want to unleash their inner child and join the little ones jumping and playing in the bounce house.

Yet it’s important that children’s safety. If you absolutely must spend a few minutes enjoying the bounce house, do it when the bounce house is empty of other children. If necessary, set aside some “grownups only” time in the bounce house.


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