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Yes, Bounce Houses Are Cleaned Regularly

bounce house safety

Bounce houses and other inflatable attractions promote fun, safety, and social interaction. They allow kids to play in a soft, colorful environment that helps them learn how to get along with others.

But are they clean? If so, how?

Bounce House Safety — Sanitized for Your Protection

Kids are a lot of things but they aren’t naturally clean. Many resist washing their faces and hands. A lot tend to avoid baths or showers whenever possible. And, let’s face it, they don’t have the best bathroom habits — at least not yet.

So when you put a lot of dirty, unclean kids inside a bounce house and let them jump around for hours at a time, how clean can it be? The answer is “very, very clean”. Not to mention safe.

Our bounce house rentals are cleaned and sanitized between every use. We also strongly encourage children to use a hand sanitizer before entering the bounce house. Plus, shoes that can track mud and dirt are prohibited and must be left at the entryway.

Bounce House Safety —  Common Sense

Furthermore, kids who are obviously sick, coughing or sneezing, or who look like they could be infectious should not be allowed to play with other children — especially in an enclosed environment like a bounce house.

Bounce house rental companies can take as many steps as possible to ensure the safety of the children who play inside their attractions but ultimately it is up to the party organizer and the parents to enforce the rules. Create a hand sanitizing station at the entryway of the bounce house, as well as a secure location to store children’s shoes. Monitor kids going into the bounce house and discourage or even prohibit sick children from joining in the fun.

If there is an “accident” inside the bounce house, require all the children to leave the area immediately until it can be cleaned up with soap and water and then sanitized.

These common-sense steps will help keep everybody safe and your bounce house experience more enjoyable.



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