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How Young Is Too Young for Bounce House Fun?

babyBounce house fun is contagious. As soon as one child sees another playing inside a colorful, exciting bounce house, they will want to join in the fun as well.

But bounce houses aren’t for everybody. Infants, toddlers, and very small children who haven’t yet mastered the ability to walk may not always be able to fully enjoy bounce houses safely.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — Age Limits

While there are no hard and fast rules regulating the ages of the children playing in bounce houses, common sense ought to apply.

If children aren’t strong enough or mature enough to walk on their own, or if toddlers are still wobbly on their own legs, they probably shouldn’t be allowed in the bounce house — at least not when older children are playing in it.

Still, the color, the fun, and the excitement of the bounce house are sure to attract the attention of even very young children. So there are a couple of possible solutions.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — Giving Everybody a Turn

One option is to set aside time in the bounce house for the youngest children. During this time, the older and bigger kids can take a time out while toddlers and smaller children can enjoy time in the bounce house.

Another option is for one or both of the child’s parents to accompany him or her in the bounce house. Mom or dad can hold the child’s hand and watch over them to make sure they are safe while still letting them have the time of their life playing in the bounce house along with the other children.

It’s not a good idea for parents to bring infants into the bounce house even if they are tempted to join in the fun. They probably won’t like the jostling movements and the opportunity for an accident isn’t worth the risk.



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